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Porcelain toilet – Most home toilets are made of porcelain. Easy to shape and clean, it is an ideal material for plumbing fixtures. But that’s not all it’s good for. Recycling centers can grind porcelain and reuse it as gravel, or even artificial reefs. But to get a toilet ground, you must first find a recycling center that will take it.

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How a gate porcelain toilet. Call a municipal recycling or water conservation office to ask about the city offering a recycling program. If they do, there may be some days of the week that the city picks up large recycling, such as toilets. If there is no such municipal programs in your town. Many of these centers have the machinery in place to grind and re-used porcelain toilets. Prepare the porcelain toilet for pickup or delivery.

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After that to a gate porcelain toilet. And the recycling center will often advise you on the steps you need to take to prepare the toilet for processing. And then many require that you remove all non-porcelain parts (bolts, flush handles and appliances, etc.) and tape the lid down and the tank. Then these plastic and metal parts can place in the normal trash.