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Nantucket Basket – The nantucket baskets are very useful as decorative elements, and also as a place to store certain items. Such as magazines, fruits, vegetables, toys, etc. But they have a problem, surface cleaning we give, does not reach certain places where dust accumulates environment, resulting in the same worsened in their appearance.

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The solution to this problem is not to get rid of the good old basket and buy a new one, there is another way to solve this problem, simply and above all, much cheaper. To make our nantucket basket again look like new, just we have to follow these steps carefully. With a compressor (which is ideal) or in any case with a vacuum cleaner, we will draw all surface dust. Sometimes, just by this maneuver will be enough to remove all dust.

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If you do not have these items or if there is still dirt, we spent the next step. Use a hose with water, and then pass a soft brush, always in the same direction of nantucket basket. If the dirt is very stuck, you can add the water a little thin or coarse. Salt and a squirt of lemon juice to help remove the remains of more difficult dust. And very clean, let dry basket outdoors somewhere warm, letting the water drain.

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