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Copper range hood, like most kitchen appliances, needs to be replaced eventually. Even if you just upgrade the look of your kitchen is a new kitchen fan a necessary improvement to make your stove space looks polished. The best way to shop for a new one is to know exactly what you want before you leave the house.

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Choose Color. Match your copper range hood to other appliances, especially the stove. If you have a larger budget, you can match it to your cabinets. Identify the location. Iceland cook tops use a different type of cooker hood than the built-in cookers. Measure the space. For built-in cookers, where the range hood will sit between the cabinets, this is the distance between the two cabinets. Cook tops, the width of the cook top.

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Choose your venting. If you have an external valve, you should buy a hood that will use it. For new installations, or those without an external valve, consider a filtered copper range hood, which uses carbon (or other medium) to filter the air. Decide on a microwave. Built-in cookers can use a microwave hood, a combination microwave and cooker hood. The dimensions of the micro hood must exactly match the dimensions of the cabinet opening. They must also have at least 30 inches of space between their base and the stove.

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