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Antique brass drawer pulls often look good against a deep, weathered, dark stain on antique furniture. But if you light up the stain, you may need to brighten up your brass. Before you can clean antique brass hardware, but you may need to take some additional steps to make it possible for you to actually get access to math and clean up the hardware.

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To clean antique brass drawer pulls, remove the hardware from the item of furniture. You must not attempt to clean the brass while it is still on the furniture, you can permanently damage the wood. Wash hardware in warm soapy water. Fill the bathtub 2/3 full with warm water and add 6 drops of liquid detergent. Wear gloves to protect your hands from this point forward. Scrub the hardware with a cleaning cloth or plastic scrub brush to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. When finished, rinse items thoroughly before drying them.

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Apply a paint stripper to the antique brass drawer pulls hardware. This removes varnish and allows you to clear away dull and weather. Let the paint stripper on the hardware for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. You will probably notice at this point that much of the gunk on the hardware is gone.

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