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Recessed cabinet pulls – The handles on the front of the cabinet, known as cabinet pulls, available in a variety of styles and metals. While metal cabinet pulls add a decorative touch and has a longer life than most other materials, they also require special care. Metal cabinet pulls are more sensitive to moisture and humidity, exposing them to corrosion. Corroded cabinet pulls need to clean to remove corrosion. Fortunately, this can be done in a few simple steps.

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How to clean corroded recessed cabinet pulls, remove the cabinet unplug the cabinet. Release pulls from the cabinet by removing the screw fastening on the back of the pull. Soak the cabinet draws in hot water in combination with a mild soap for at least an hour. Then remove cabinet pulls from the soapy water. Rinse with clean water. And then clean the cabinet pulls with a wet toothbrush to remove buildup in crevices.

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After that, remove the corrosion by sanding with sandpaper, steel wool or scrub brush. Baking soda with sufficient water to make a paste. Apply to corrosion and let sit for 10 minutes. After that continue grinding or rubbing away corrosion until it is completely remove. Rinse cabinet pulls again with clean water. Drying cabinet pulls with a lint-free towel. Polish recessed cabinet pulls with polish designed specifically for their type of metal, are available online or local hardware stores. Cabinet pulls back, insert screws and tighten with a screwdriver.