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Kickplate – If you are looking for a practical way to add style to your home without breaking the bank. Install a kick plate may be just the project. Kick plates cover the bottom 12 to 18 inches of the door and come in many styles. Traditional metal park plates come in colors like brass, bronze, and silver. They protect the door from kicking and add a finished professional look to every door.

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First to do this project you need to measure the width of the door to receive the kickplate with the 12-foot steel tape measure. Also, subtract 1 inch from the width to allow 1/2 inch on each side that will not be covered by the toe kick.  Then, place the kick plate on a clean flat surface such as a workbench.  After that, measure and mark the desired width in the toe kick with 12-foot steel tape measure and pencil on the top and bottom of the toe kick.

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Furthermore, Do Chalkline on the marks, tighten and snap makes a line across the toe kickplate. Use the hacksaw to cut smoothly and evenly down the line. Take your time and go slowly to avoid burrs and sharp edges.  Then, file away any rough edges with the flat file.