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Wall mount kitchen faucet – Leaking outside faucets are easy to ignore because no hear the dripping. But leaky faucets waste a lot of water. If a drop occurs every second, a total of 31,536,000 drops of water lost in a year. This is approximately 513 liters of water. How to fix a leaky wall mount kitchen faucet, remove the screw that holds the handle of the faucet stem. Pull the handle from the handle and set it aside. Turn the packing nut counterclockwise with a wrench to remove it. Set this aside also. Turn the valve stem (you can use the faucet handle this) to open the tap. Continue turning until the stem comes out of the tap.

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After that to fix a leaky wall mount kitchen faucet, look into the area of ​​the crane body where the washer comes in contact when the tap close. Again, check for corroded areas of the valve seat and replace the faucet with a new one if the seat is corroded. Install a new washer on the valve stem; make sure the tray is the same size and type as the original disk. Screw the stem back in faucet body.

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Replacing stem packing with a new gasket. Unscrew the packing nut back over the wall mount kitchen faucet stem. Be careful to tighten this nut just enough to compress the gasket, but not so hard that the gasket damage. Do not worry; it can be adjusted later if you do not get it tight enough for a start. Fit the handle and fixing screw. Turn the water back and check for leaks.

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