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Copper tiki torches – Tiki torches are a festive and creative way to enhance a party or just an everyday footpath. Hanging up bamboo Tiki torches is simple. And a PVC base will last and be stable for a long time. How to hang copper tiki torches. And determine how many tiki torches you want to keep. And then where to place them in your lawn or around your path or patio. For a medium-sized lawn, consider installing some 5 tiki torches.

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Push the PVC pipe into the soil about 3 inches so that it will provide a secure position for the copper tiki torches. Fill the tiki torch’s bamboo pole halfway up with sand to provide an anchor. Insert the tiki torch pole in PVC pipe properly and safely. Press down deep and make sure that even the torch hanging out a little bit to the side it will not fall to the ground.

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Allow the wicks of the tiki torch soak up the oil, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Light the tiki torch wick when dusk begins to fall. Keep a close eye on the flame from the wick until you are sure that the copper tiki torches burns safely without close supervision.

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