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Hydronic towel warmer – If you have an old radiator with hot water supply and return pipes in your bathroom. And you can replace it by installing a floor-mounted pump towel rail. Hydronic towel warmers are great for warming your towels before you get out of the shower and drying towels faster after they are used. Towel warmers are also great for drying wet mittens, coats and even delicate garments. And also towel rails provide great health benefits as well – the heat keeps towels and clothes with no mold. This is particularly useful in warmer climates where mold tends to grow faster than the colder climates. Towel rails can use year round because they are active in the energy of an incandescent bulb.

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The first step in installing a hydronic towel warmer is to drain the water from the old radiator and turn off the water supply. Saw radiator supply and return lines and remove the old radiator. Be sure to check with your local recycling center for ways to recycle cooler. Go to the supply and return lines by removing the floor under the radiator. This may require removing tile or hardwood floors, so prepare for some flooring remodeling to install hydronic towel warmer. See the resources listed below for information on how to install bathroom tiles.

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Place the pump towel rail up against the wall and use a pencil to mark lines where the new pump heated towel rail will install. Then install and cut copper pipe with fittings to reach the new location of hydronic towel warmer supply and return lines. And then use a blow torch for soldering each tube and fitting together. Be sure to use the appropriate protective equipment when soldering.

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