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Stove hoods – Most common household kitchens are equipped with a fan. One of the most effective ventilation in the market, an oven extractor fan. A stove hoods place over the stove, so the fan can suck in hot air, smoke and cooking odors. The fan can then either send air through a filter and then back into the kitchen, or it may filter it and send it out of the house via a duct.

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Turn stove hoods head. Using a wrench or screwdriver, remove the bottom cover and filter. Then hammer out knock-out holes that you want to use for ventilation and power lines. Screw channel plug-damper in the hood and make sure that the opening gives you enough room to move it from side to side when mounted in the wall. Measure 24 inches up from the stove, and then select a line with a pencil. Turn off all power to the kitchen; turn off the circuit switched on the house breaker box.

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To install a stove hoods, cut the area you marked on the wall where the ventilation duct will go through drywall saw. The end holes drilled to the outside of the housing, by means of a pencil. And to make a cutting guide line. Cut lines with the jigsaw that goes from one hole to the next to make a space for the channel to fit into the wall. Apply silicone caulk to the bottom of the wall ceiling. And then slide the wall cap through the outer wall and fit it into the channel plug-damper. Next, place duct tape around the assembled parts to seal them off. When finished, screws in the wall cap of external cladding.

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