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Hose guides – The need garden hose guides are obvious. Without them, you will destroy the plants you are trying to water. These small pests keep the tube running through your garden beds, which also helps keep the hose (and thus your hands) clean of dirt and debris. For many people, the problem is with garden guides as they are transparent, embellished eye sores, which are so unattractive that they are useful. Fortunately, make your own simple and durable garden hose guides is an extremely easy project.

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Use lawn spray paint to mark the locations of your hose guides. Garden bed corners are common places. But you can get as elaborate as you want with the way your hose will follow. It should be practical, first and foremost, works simply guide the hose safely to the areas of the yard where you need the most water.

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Hose Guides IdeasSize: 1280 x 960

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Best Hose GuidesSize: 1280 x 720

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Then, take your mallet and hammer steel rebar in place. Your own aesthetics will determine how high your hose guides stick out of the ground. Be sure to push rebar at least 12 inch in the ground for stability. Then, slide the copper pipe over the rebar, making sure not to secure it in place. Ideally, you want the hose free wheel when the hose is in contact with the guide. This way the hose is not exposed to excessive amounts of friction.

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