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Ptrap – Most plumbing fixtures have a P-trap, including sinks, toilets and showers. P-trap is a curved pipe length which captures heavy debris. It prevents debris from traveling deep into your plumbing, but it is also prone to clogging. If your shower is clogged, you should first try to clean it with a plumbers snake or drain cleaner. If the clog persists, then you must manually clean the P-trap. Actually remove the P-trap is relatively simple. Getting to the P-trap can be tricky, but especially if you do not have access to a crawlspace or basement.

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Remove shows; decide how you reach your shower’s ptrap.  And then remove the shower walls.  Cut the seal between the shower and the floor with a dull knife. Unscrew the drain cover. Scrape off the rubber flange surrounding the well by using the utility knife. Then remove any fasteners or screws that hold the shower floor in place. Pry the shower floor up with a flat iron. Remove the floor of your work area.

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As a result, remove ptrap. Place a bucket under the P-trap. P-trap keeps the water will pour out when you remove the trap. Loosen the upper bolt in the P-trap with a pair of channel locks or a wrench. When it is loose, tighten it all the way with his hands. Remove the lower bolt. The water will drip from the tube. Pull the ptrap down to remove it.

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