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Kitchen strainer – Replace the strainer is a necessary project, when you’re old, rusted out, or just when you want to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. You may also have to replace this when you want to use a basket in the kitchen sink. To remove the kitchen strainer, get your plumbing wrench and go under the sink. Screw with your wrench connecting plumbing pipe that goes to your strainer and remove tube. You see wires and a collar ring, which is tight up against the underside of the sink. With your plumber wrench unscrew the collar by means of a left turn to loosen. Remove the rubber washer that ring collar was tighten against when the ring collar is off.

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Cleaning and installation kitchen strainer, remove all old plumber’s putty from the top of the sink. Apply new plumber’s putty around the circular recess in the sink. Put your new sieve into the empty hole, making sure it center. Get a helper to hold the kitchen strainer in place.

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Face under the sink and put on new rubber washer. Putting on cardboard ring that came. The screw on the new collar ring with your wrench, while the above person is in possession of the kitchen strainer to prevent it from moving off-center. Tighten down to where the rubber washer is almost about to slip out of the ring, and then loosen slightly to make it tight, but not so tight that the rubber washer will come out. Set plumbing back to the sieve. Get out from under the sink and clean the excess putty from the sieve with water and soap.

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