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Tub Drain – Over time, lots of hair and soap residue can clog the drain of your bathtub. Instead of spending your money on a plumber, first, tries to uncover yourself! If your bathtub is not completely stuck but is draining slowly, you may not have to take drastic measures. It is recommended that you read all methods to decide which is right for you.

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In addition, you may have to use one or more techniques to unclog the tub drain completely, so do not give up if the first attempt does not work. Remove the trap. Often hair and soap accumulate under the trap that is in or above the drain. Although many can be removed manually, some have screws also have to remove. Bring them with the appropriate screwdriver. If you do not know what kind of screwdriver you should use, make it match the screw head. The size and shape of the screwdriver tip should easily enter the screws.

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Tub Drain BronzeSize: 1000 x 729

Tub Drain BrassSize: 800 x 600

Unscrew all who are around the trap until they are loose. Then place them in a safe place while denaturized drainage. Remove the plug. Some tub drain has a plug instead of a trap and are also found in. It is easier to remove them because they have any screws that hold. To remove the cap, simply twist it and lift.

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