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Whitewash cabinets – Cheap way to refinish cabinets using color and water. The thin face, gently cover your wood cabinets and floors without having to cover the grain of the wood completely. Cleansing usually used for sealed timber and will not permanently color the wood surface those similar techniques such as etching. In just one weekend, your cupboards converted; whitewashing fits right in with the French country or antique decor.

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How to whitewash cabinets, sand the cabinets with fine sandpaper. Use paper with a grain between 180 and 220. Then wipe sanding dust with a tack cloth. And then mix your whitewash finish in a large bucket with a rate of 1 part white latex paint to 4 parts water. Applying whitewash to the cabinet surfaces with a sponge. Use two to three layers of finish, depending on how far you want to be safe. Allow each coat to dry before the next.

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As a result whitewash cabinets, allow the wood to dry for at least a couple of hours. Seal the wood with a clear low-luster satin varnish. Use an aqueous sealer, in contrast to an oil based product such as oil-based surface layer will tend to turn yellow over time whitewash. Buff the cabinets with tracing paper after 24 hours.