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Stainless steel hood vent – Compared with other appliances, the hood is one of the least energy consuming. Although the final expenditure will always depend on the power of the model that we choose. When the bell operates at minimum power. It is estimated that spending is about 70 w / h when operating at full speed. And with the light is about 200 w / h. The bells usually have three speeds, although some already include a fourth.

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Do they all need an outside vent? It is always preferable to install a conducting tube that carries fumes and bad odors to the outside. However, if the characteristics of the house are not possible to perform this work, you can opt for a stainless steel hood vent with activated carbon filters that work by recirculation. In these hoods the air is filter (filters must be change periodically). And sent back to the kitchen. Almost all firms offer bells with both systems.

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If you want it to work at maximum performance, it avoids drafts, as they could move the fumes away from the appliance. So, close the kitchen door or window, if you have it. You can turn it on for a few minutes before putting the container on the fire. And, once turned off, leave it on for about five minutes. The ideal stainless steel hood vent is to select a high power to absorb well the fats, and a low for the water vapors.

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