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Clawfoot bathtub – Today you can still find antique claw foot tub in older homes or in homes decorated in Victorian style. If a claw foot tub becomes clogged, there are several methods to get rid of the clog without resorting to harsh chemicals that can harm older plumbing. Investigate pipe system for claw foot tub. Claw foot tub has an exposed plumbing system. The drain and overflow is connect with an L-shape tube, which connects to the outlet conduits at the bend in the L. The most popular configuration of this system uses a rubber stopper in the bottom of the drain. Another popular configuration using a stopper that lifts and turns.

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Then, remove the screen of the overflow valve by loosening the screw that holds the screen in place with a screwdriver. For the chain a screen devices, the screen connected to the rubber stopper with a chain. For a lift and flip-assembly, unscrew the drain plug by turning it counterclockwise. And then setting the overflow valve and the plug and the side chain.

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Clear clawfoot bathtub, examine the inside of the tubes, the water drips slowly from the tub. Maybe you can see the plot if it is close to the plug. If so, pull the plug out of the drain with your fingers. If the clog is very deep, or the bathtub filled with water. Also cover drainage overflow valve with a wet cloth to block it.

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