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Double vanity – A double sink vanity incorporates two bathroom sinks and a long counter space. The extra counter space and sink makes morning bathroom routine much easier. Many styles of vanity and sinks are available to choose from, ensuring a chance to fit any taste. Double vanities are typical in the master bathroom but are also useful in shared bathrooms.

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A large closet-style vanity can be the best choice for bathrooms with little other storage options. And then they come in a variety of colors, including white or natural wood. So finding a double vanity cabinet to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom is easy. This style vanity leaves the homeowner is free to choose any counter from cheap options like Formica to high-end marble. These options require the purchase of separate sinks. But you can also find porcelain counters with built-in wash basins. And you will find a wide range of storage cabinet vanity counters and sinks at any home improvement store.

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White Double VanitySize: 899 x 693

Top Double VanitySize: 1024 x 853

Popular Double VanitySize: 1200 x 1200

New Double VanitySize: 1500 x 1286

Modern Double VanitySize: 990 x 954

Double Vanity StyleSize: 1500 x 1500

Double Vanity ImageSize: 800 x 600

Double Vanity DesignSize: 1928 x 1500

Best Double VanitySize: 995 x 768

Awesome Double VanitySize: 1500 x 1500

Amazing Double VanitySize: 802 x 682

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If new or store-bought furniture is not your style. And you can easily create a vintage or antique style bathroom by supplying antiques or other furniture to create your double vanity. One option that makes a big statement is to beat an old farm table or other antique table in your double sinks vanity. And then you will need to cut two holes from the tabletop to fit sinks, and a shelf above the base provides space for storage. An antique dresser can be re-purposed in the same way and gives drawers for storage.

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