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Coat hooks wall mounted – A wall mounted coat rack can add a nice touch to your entry way keeping your coats and jackets. The following steps explain how to make your own wall-mounted coat rack. Build a coat hooks wall mounted, measure the area where you want to place the hanger. Projecting a size that fits 5-6 door knobs. Go to a lumber store and pick a pre-cut pine to match the measurements, or have the store cut it for you. Then paint or stain the wood to match the decorating style of the room. Mark the centers of wood with a ruler and pencil. Depending on the length, the center points are spaced every two inches. The point indicates where to drill the holes for doorknob hangers.

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After that to build coat hooks wall mounted, cut out the wallpaper design that will accent the door handle after they screwed into pine. Soak in water pattern. Place them in the metered spots with the design up to the wood. Let them dry. Apply 1 layer of clear polyurethane wood. Allow the wood to dry. Polyurethane is cut out and protects the wood.

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Finally to build coat hooks wall mounted, drill holes in the middle of the wallpaper design. Then use a drill bit size that correlates with doorknobs screw size. And make the drilled holes center within the structures. Install proper door handle hardware in the back of the coat hanger and twist the knobs in place. Then make sure they are tight. Attach the two female picture hanging devices on the back at each end of the wood. And then place two male photo mounting devices on wall to fit female mounting devices. Install the hanger on the wall, so that it is fully secure.

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