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Antique door knockers – A door knocker consists generally of a heavy metal ring, called a clap. Hanging from a decorative metal stand which is mounted on the door. Guests lift flaps and bring it down to the door, making a sharp knocking sound that is hard to overlook. It is important to install your door knocker correctly, though, or you may end up damaging your door, you rely on for safety. Installation of a door knocker on a standard wooden entrance door is usually straightforward.

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Ideas for hang antique door knockers, stand in front of your door. And determine at what level you want to hang the door knocker. Place it in the middle of the door at around your shoulder level. Not installing it over the glass peephole that allows you to see your visitors from inside before opening the front door. Hold the hammer in place of the door and mark the location with light pencil marks. Mark the places where you want to insert the screws as well. Remove the hammer from the face of the door and ensure that you can still clearly see the marks you made.

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Step back and take a good look at the place you choose. Most antique door knockers require screws to anchor them in place, make sure you like the location before you begin to install the hammer. Using a drill and a little bit to make starter holes for the screws, about 1/2 inch deep. Ask a friend or family member to hold the door knocker in place. Insert screws in the door with the hammer in place. Screw completely into the door, alternating between them until they are both rigorous and door knocker is in place.