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Curtains with hooks – If you want to dress your windows in an interesting and elegant way, there are several different looks that you can go with. You can use the beautiful curtains on rods, hooks or bars. Curtain hooks are an easy and inexpensive way to make your windows look stylish and give your decor a boost. You can either use hooks to keep the curtains themselves or to hold a curtain rod

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Use a ruler or tape measure to mark an area 2 to 3 inches above your window. Most window coverings are made a little longer than the windows themselves, so you’ll need a little extra space. Make a straight horizontal line across your mark, using a ruler and a level. The line should go the whole width of the windows you cover. Place another mark in the exact center of this line. Measure the curtain rod you use. Divide this number by 2 and mark the distance on either side of the mark you made in the middle of your windows. Measure additional 6 inches from these brands and make another mark on each side. These marks are where you want to place your curtains with hooks.

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Drill a small hole in each curtain hook mark. Place the wall anchor into the hole and hammer it in. Then screw the curtains with hooks in the anchor. Repeat this process until all hooks are installed. If you want to hang the curtain directly from the hooks, count how many holes in the top of the curtains. This is how many hooks you will need. Measuring how far apart the holes are and then subtract 1 to 2 inches. Install your hooks that many inches apart.

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