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Bench for entryway – A do-it-yourself version of an entryway storage bench can be easily done with a set of upper kitchen cabinets, a can of paint. And a few decorative throw pillows and a few hours of spare time. How to make bench for entryway, use upper kitchen cabinets. And there are between 18 and 30 inches high and at least 30 inches long. Consider buying unfinished cabinets from an unfinished furniture store, if you are not recycling your kitchen cabinets. Set muffins feet on the bottom of the enclosure by drilling four holes in each of the four corners of the cabinet and muffins feet screw into the holes. The bun feet will raise the chassis off the ground.

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After that to make bench for entryway, cut a piece of wood that measures the same length and width as the top of the cabinet. The tree sits on top of the cabinet, drill four holes, one in each corner. And through the woods and into the top of the cabinet. Screw the wood of the cabinet. Remove cabinet doors and cabinet hardware with a screwdriver.

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Coat closet with two coats of paint, as dry time between coats according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. If the bench will be white, apply two coats of white primer before painting to prevent the wood grain from bleeding through the paint. Then use black satin finish paint for a more durable bench suitable for a high-traffic entrance. And then attach the cabinet hardware and cabinet doors. Complete storage bench by throwing a couple of pillows on top of the cabinet. Finally hang a series of hooks about 36 inches of storage bench for entryway for hanging coats, hats and purses.

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