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Copper lanterns – Lanterns help brighten up an area with a warm glow. Originally lanterns held a candle from blowing out because of the wind. Without a lantern, it was very difficult for people to see what they did when the sun went down. Now the lamps are more of a decoration than a necessity. Many porches and walkways show a decorative lantern to light the way for welcome guest. Copper lights add a warm and festive touch to any gathering, and they are easy to make.

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Make copper lanterns; draw 7 of 9 inch rectangle on a piece of thin copper sheet. Touch the tip of the toothpick in the metal plate just enough to create a line. Cut the rectangle with the help of a pair of sharp metal clip. Use a nail file and lightly rubbing sharp points around the edge of the plate. Place several sheets of newspaper on a flat surface, and copper rectangle on top of the papers. This will protect the work surface and allow the metal to bend in the next step.

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Vintage Copper LanternsSize: 1000 x 666

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After that to make copper lanterns, draw a design on the metal using a toothpick. And then make several spiral-like shapes around the rectangle surface. Punching the thin copper sheet with an ice pick. Start at the beginning of a spiral circuits and punch a hole in the metal press ice pick tip directly into the metal. Take the pick and place it on the line again leaving a 1/8 inch space between the two locations. Press another hole in the thin copper rectangle. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the spiral circle.

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