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Shelf hangers, also called brackets or shelf rack, support the weight of your shelf and facilitate the process to attach the shelf to the wall. Using wood to match the wood used for your shelf. And you can design and create shelf hanger that fits your taste and home decor. Depending on the available tools and your level. Then you can make simple, triangular shelf hanger or decorative hangers with elaborate scroll work. The simplest shelf hangers should take about an hour to construct and assemble.

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Ideas for make shelf hangers, measure the width, or the short side, on the shelf that you want to hang out with a tape measure. Cut a square timber, with a hand saw or miter saw. So that its edges is equal to your shelf width. For example, if your shelf is 5 inches wide, cut a 5-inch square. Cut the square in half along the diagonal, using a hand saw or miter saw.

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As a result, you have now made a simple console. For more ornate shelf hangers, draw curvy, symmetrical lines along the diagonals consoles, and draw patterned holes or slits to cut. Then use a rolling element to cut the delicate line work. And use a drill to make holes in the decorative brackets. Sand the cut edges of the wood.

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