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Half curtain rods – Choosing the right window treatment is a key factor in any room’s decor. Knowing which window shades or curtain rods to use to set the stage for the window treatment or completely detract from it. You can have a professional hang curtain rods and blinds for you, but it is an easy task for the do-it-yourself. Even blinds and half curtain rods serve two separate functions, method of installation is the same?

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Hang half curtain rods; decide how high above the windows you want the curtain to hang. Also determine how far the side of the windows, the curtains should hang. Mark on each side of the window where you want half curtain rods located. Ensure trademarks level. Then put the curtain rod bracket with the screws that came with them. In order to make it easier to screw in the wall bore holes. If the screws are not sufficient to hold the weight of the curtains, use anchored screws instead.

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As a result, set half curtain rods in place. Then measure the location of the center support bracket. Secure it to the window frame. Put curtains on curtain rods and curtain rods set in their brackets. Adjust the drapes to your specifications.