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Teak shower shelf – Many times, the bathroom can be the most cluttered room in the house. Many people find a lack of storage space in the bathrooms, which means that different toilet can stay visible. To get more space, one solution is to install shelves in the shower. Shower shelves can easy made and will add valuable storage space and help clean up the mess.

Posted on December 4, 2017 Teak

Ideas for install teak shower shelf, decide how many shelves you will need in your shower. Three or four are usually a good number. Few pieces of tile that corresponds to the number of shelves you build. Then use tile sawing pieces from corner to corner on the diagonal. And then you can rent a tile saw can rent from any home improvement store. Determine how high you want your shelves. The shelves will place between two plates in the corner of your shower.

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After that to install teak shower shelf, use a hammer and chisel to carefully remove the grout between the tiles, where you will place the shelves. Then place the tile shelves of area you have cleaned. The tile shelves will support by the plates above and below them. Finally, use new sealant and fill in any gaps between the plates to strengthen the joints and keep water from entering the wall space.