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Recessed door pulls – A whole day could go before the first change in our plans came, yet we have planned recessed door pull kitchen in months. We had intended us to have 80cm high wall cabinets on either side of our stove, between these two pieces 40cm high and a cooker hood at 25cm. This had created a distance to the wall cabinets in the side of 15 cm, which felt ok. However, the combination 80/40 tall cabinets are not particularly proportionately out.

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I do not think we have mentioned that we have selected the recessed door pulls which is a discrete mirror gap in ideas Kitchen and Lacquering range. It feels just right and gives shaker kitchen expressions we believe.

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Wood Recessed Door PullsSize: 1548 x 1036

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It only remains to choose the fittings and knobs, but it leans to bowl handles in brass. It is timely and fits nicely in ideas kitchen and feels almost synonymous with recessed door pulls. It is perhaps one of you who visit the blog that can come with any tips?

We have before us now a lot of demolition. On one hand, a wall taken down to open up our glass veranda, wall sits. The course switch for the kitchen lighting and even a few outlets. So the electrician is coming to pull the harness. After this, even a new floor added, the old kitchen torn from the roof and repainted. Have I mentioned that we in the meantime will live in the house, cook for the family and keep the mood on top?

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