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Your bathroom tumbler can be a multipurpose room. It is a place where people come to their physical needs. But your bathroom can also be a place to retire from the world and create a space that is an expression of your personality and your tastes. Even the bathroom of more modest size can become a bold statement, I remember a trip recently or a delicate floral shrine.

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Make a Dramatic Statement

Use colors bright for your bathroom tumbler. Bright colors can create a bold statement in any room. Use colors very saturated as dark red, green jungle or strong plums can give a small room a sense of drama that otherwise might lack it. Dark colors can also help create a sense of intimacy that makes the user feel warm and protected.

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Start with a bold color in the tone you want. Think carefully about the feeling you are trying to create. Think carefully about the feeling you are trying to create. The colors on the cool side like navy blue or olive give the bathroom a sense of masculinity. Use deep oranges or golden shades to give the bathroom tumbler a warm feeling. All bright colors should be matched with a color from the opposite side of the range to give the room a sense of balance. Match the light blue with shades of deep yellow. Use light blue to add painted details to the room.

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