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Copper vent hoods – While vent hoods can last for a long time, they must be changed occasionally. Install a kitchen copper vent hoods. Examine your new hood for any scratches that may occur during shipping. If the hood is scratched, return it for a new one. Find the filter, fan and electric homes in the area and remove them. If necessary, remove punched holes for the electric cables and pipes. Not all committees’ vents have knockouts.

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Place the copper vent hoods opening above the limit, and use a pencil to trace the edges of access openings for the electrical cable and conduit. And then use a utility knife; score the drywall along the traced outline of access openings for ventilation. Then drill holes through the wall to the exterior siding of the housing at the four corners of the detected channel opening. The end holes on the outside of the housing and the cut hole in the siding with a reciprocating saw. Then press wall hood and flue in the hole cut on the outside of the house. And then secure the wall cap in place with galvanized wood screws.

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As a result, place a strip of caulk where the wall cap and siding meet to prevent moisture from seeping between the wall cap and siding and into the wall. Drill a hole in the wall with a 1 1/2-inch drill bit. Turn off the power to the affected circuit and tapping a nearby junction box for the electric cable. Keep the area ventilated and fasten it to the wall with screws. Strip the end of the wires in the range vent with wire strippers. Match the colors of the wires from the copper vent hoods to the color of the wires from the electric cable. Then press the conduits back into the electric field room of the vent and the cover to the electrical room. And then put the fan and filters in the vent and turn on the power to the vent and test it.

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