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Basket strainer – A kitchen baskets valve connects the sink to the drain pipe and the piece drain plug fits in. You may need a new basket strainer if you experience leaks and tightening the locking nut and slip nuts do not seem to stop the problem. When you buy a new basket strainer. Then buy a better quality basket strainers and avoid thin metal or plastic strainers that will not last as long. Set aside at least two hours to complete the project.

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Remove the end piece connected to the basket strainer from under the sink by screwing the end piece top and bottom slip nuts with a spud wrench or groove-joint pliers. Then remove the basket strainer’s locking nut by turning it counterclockwise with a spud wrench or groove-joint pliers. And then remove and inspect the rubber and glass fiber discs. Purchases of new discs, if worn. Remove the basket strainer from above the sink and set it aside. Roll plumber’s putty to a hose and apply it to the bottom edge of the new basket strainers. Then insert the new basket strainers in the drain hole and press into place.

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White Basket StrainerSize: 1000 x 750

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Basket Strainer DesignSize: 800 x 800

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As a result, collect basket strainers. Have someone hold baskets valve in place from above the sink, insert the handle of a set of pliers in the drain hole in the basket strainers. Scrape excess plumber’s putty from above the sink with a plastic putty knife. Dry residues away with a clean cloth. Hold the end piece back into place and tighten the upper and lower slip nuts with a spud wrench or groove-joint pliers. Then put the plug in the basket strainer and fill the sink with water to check for leaks. Pull the plug up to let the water run and look for leaks.

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