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Wall mount toilet, commonly used in Europe, uses less floor space than traditional floor-mounted toilets. The wall-mounted toilet install in a 2-bolt and 4-bolt support locker bicycle rack inside the wall cavity, as it supports toilet and provides an outlet for the device. American Standard recommends that the stand pipe protrudes 2-1 / 8 inches from the finished wall surface. Check your toilet manufacturer’s instructions for specific parts and precise requirements before continuing.

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Place the backup nuts from the wall mount toilet kit on the two lower closet carrier bolts and bolt in the upper left side. The nuts are screwed up to the light of the nuts is flush with the surface of the finished wall. Place the rubber neoprene gasket on the cabinet bottom outlet drain pipes. This pack contains an airtight and watertight seal in the same way a wax ring provides a seal for a floor mounted toilet. Then place grooved rubber gasket on the plastic inlet pipe.

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To install a wall mount toilet, open the package of lubricant from the kit and lightly oil lubricant on the cabinet air inlet tube and cabinet air drainage pipe. Place the cabinet outlet bottom drainage pipes in the closet carrier inlet pipe as far as it will go. Put the plastic inlet pipe in the closet carrier inlet pipe as far as it will go. Then mark a line on the pipes with a marker, where the pipes meet the wall. Turn on the toilet on its side. Lubricating grease into the inner diameter of the holes of the water supply and waste fitting areas. And then remove cabinet outlet bottom drain tube and cabinet air inlet pipe from the pipes in the wall. Insert the pipes in the lubricated holes toilet. Press firmly to ensure a very tight fit.

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