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Antique sinks – A kitchen remodel or new installation involves setting the new kitchen cabinets. When working with the cabinets, installing kitchen sink cabinet a little different than the rest of the cabinets. Sink cabinet installation involves drilling holes through cabinets for plumbing. Accurate measurement makes this installation is not harder than any other dressers. Two options are available for a sink cabinet installation. You can use regular sink cabinets that match the rest of your cabinets, or you can make your own from matching share pieces available from a cabinet supplier.

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Install kitchen cabinets in the execution of one or other of the sink cabinet installation. Make sure they are level. If they are not, use wood shims to level them. Measure the distance from the wall where the water pipes sit. Then set the paper template in the bottom of the antique sinks cabinet. Mark where to locate the holes. Then repeat the drain hole. This is a measure-twice, cut once situation. Use a hole saw attachment for a drill to cut two holes in the sink cabinet floor and one hole in the back panel.

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Lift the cabinet is high enough to be able to put it over the plumbing pipes. Clamp the antique sinks cabinet to the neighboring cabinet. Drill a pilot hole for cabinet mounting screws on the face frame. Then make sure the screws you are using are long enough to go from a face to the next. Finally, continue to place the cabinet on the other side of the kitchen antique sinks cabinet.