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Bathroom sink tops – Install cranes and drain, it’s so much easier to attach your taps to your sink before installing it. The minimum amount of work you have to do shove into a cupboard, the better. Some faucet assemblies have a seal that goes on the counter first. It may be a type of rubber, or it can be a self-adhesive plastic type. If your faucet has one of these, line up on the sink and set it in place.

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Install bathroom sink tops, and then set the tap in the appropriate holes in the sink. Well below the sink and place the nuts on the tap the tubes to hold them in place. It is not necessary to tighten them yet. Roll some plumbers putty in your hand to make a long roll. Then place glue around the edge of the drain flange and pressure discharge unit in the drain hole in the sink. Press down and the excess putty will compress the flange.

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And then to install bathroom sink tops, you can just wipe it out with a paper towel now. Turn over the sink, place gasket and nut over the tail piece and pull the drain of the sink. Using a wrench, you can now tighten the drain and faucets to the sink, but not too hard or you may end up cracking the sink or stripping the threads.

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