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How To Install Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod – Some houses and flats have a short wall where a window is place. Which can be a problem when installing a curtain rod. Other curtain rod mounting method is need, especially when you install an extra wide curtain rod. With the help of the side walls next to the window and the ceiling above the window can be a good alternative to regular curtain rod ceiling mounting. Things you need; Paint, Closet – rod brackets, Pencil, Tape ceiling brackets, drywall anchors, curtain rod, bolts

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Paint the closet rod mounting brackets the same color as the walls. Or other complementary color before installing ceiling mount curtain rod let the paint dry thoroughly. Place a bracket on side wall about 2 inches above the top of the window trim and make a pencil mark on the top of the bracket. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the top of the bracket and add measuring wall opposite side at the same distance from the ceiling measured in steps 2 and make a mark where the bracket is use. Screw in the closet rod brackets on both side walls. Place the curtain rod in the brackets.

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Mark roof where the ceiling mount curtain rod bracket will be install. It is best to have a console just past each side of the window and in the middle of the window.  Installing drywall anchor each of the brackets will be placed. Drill a small hole that is not longer than the screw in the wall where the screw will be installed. Set gypsum anchor over the hole and gently tapping it in place with the help of a small hammer. Set each bracket over the anchor and attach them to the ceiling with screws. Place the curtain rod in the brackets.

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