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How To Install A Corner Shower Base And Wall Set – This project involves special skills including equalization, liners and drainage installation. Along with some special tools. If this is your first shower installation, expect to spend at least an entire day assembling. And installation of shower floor and walls. When the project is complete, your shower has a whole new look. Inspect the floor for signs of damage and rot. Replace parts of the floor by cutting and removing it with a reciprocal saw and crowbar. And nail new plywood to the floor joists.

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Install the new corner shower base in the corner alcove. Push up against framing boards so that both sides are flush with the corner walls. Place a level on all four sides. Slide shims underneath the shower floor to raise the parts that fall below the level. Remove the base and screw the shims to the floorboards with a power screwdriver and wood screws. Replace the base and check the level again. Repeat until the base is flat on all sides. Trace around the shower base drainage whole with a pencil to mark the location of the drain on the floor. Remove the base and cut along your trail signs with a jigsaw to create a hole in the floor drain.

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White Corner Shower BaseSize: 900 x 1196

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Corner Shower BaseSize: 1024 x 1024

Corner Shower Base KitSize: 1000 x 1000

Corner Shower Base IdeasSize: 900 x 1196

Cool Corner Shower BaseSize: 1010 x 600

Install the drain in the corner shower base by sliding the upper drain and seating washer through the drain hole from the top of the base. Screw the nut on the back of the drain behind the base and tighten it with a wrench. Install the shower back into the corner and push drain in the drain hole. Install the shower floor to framing boards by driving wood screws through the shower base flange and the sharpness boards with a screwdriver. Measure, mark and cut holes for the faucet in the shower wall. Fit the shower wall by sliding it onto the flange and mount to the wall framing with mounting screws and a screwdriver. Connect the wall next to the wall, through the interlocking edges and mount on the wall to framing boards. Caulk and seal the seams between the shower floor and walls with silicone.

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