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Double shower curtain rod – As a traditional double curtain rod, do a double-curved curtain rod to hang up a permanent shower curtain liner and a decorative fabric shower curtain. Bent rods have come into vogue because they allow a homeowner to have more space inside the bathtub, a particularly valuable resource in the narrow pods are available in rents apartments and town homes. Hang a double curved shower curtain rod similar to hanging a standard double rod, with only one significant change.

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First of all, patch any holes after your remove the old, straight bar. Smooth drywall patching the holes with a trowel and allow drying. After that, sand patches smooth and even with the rest of the wall. Lift the new double shower curtain rod in place with a helper. Hold the rod at the right height and position it. So that the inner bar is about 3 inches farther back than where the original rod was.

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Mark the top and bottom ends of the rods with a pen. Then, make these marks on the wall. Lower double shower curtain rod. Install each rod bracket to fit between the upper and lower lines on his wall. Then drill screws through the holes in the brackets to secure them. Push the rod into the brackets as indicated by the instructions for your particular double rod and hang your shower curtain liner and curtain.

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