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Dual shower heads – Have a choice between two different shower heads in a house can be a great convenience. Imagine being able to flip the switch center of the shower and start using another shower head. It is possible with a dual shower head contact. The double shower head terminal screws on the existing plumbing and has two ports that two different shower heads attach. The shower heads can be selected by flipping a switch on the double touch.

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Personal preferences abound when it comes to the shower. Some like the dual shower heads to heart, others like a really difficult mist to massaging the neck muscles. Having a double shower head eliminates the need to constantly have to change how the shower works when there are multiple users in the home. Replacing the old shower head may be achieved within less than an hour.

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1) Make sure the water is in the off position. Remove the old shower by unscrewing it from the pipe with a pipe wrench. After removal, clean the threads of the pipe thoroughly with a mild detergent, and dry thoroughly. 2) Wrap Teflon tape completely around the threads of the pipe. 3) Solid dual shower heads to the tube with the threaded end, and tighten with wrench to keep the unit from leaking. 4) Turn the water on and make sure all connections are tight. If they do, tighten with wrench slowly until the leak stops. When you are ready to take a shower, there will be a small change between shower heads to reverse the flow of both, or off to one.

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