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Adjustable door hinges – Installing new garage door hinge is a way to extend the life of your garage door. The garage door using the hinges on the intermediate parts of the door. The hinges at the ends of each panel is a series. Each hinge on the end prolongs the roll a little further from the door. This is due to your door track sits at an angle so that the door to travel without binding to the frame. When installing a garage door hinge, with the correctly numbered hinge corresponding to the old hinge.

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How to install garage adjustable door hinges; look on the lower blade of the hinge replacing. The hinges are numbered 1 to 3 on most residential garage doors. The hinge in the middle of the panels is the No. 1 hinges. They have a single sleeve. Close the door and engage the door lock. If you have a garage door opener, closing the door with the wall button station open. And then place a ladder under the garage door opener motor and the opener power cord from the electrical outlet roof. This will prevent anyone from accidentally opening the garage door with a remote control when you are working.

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After that to install garage adjustable door hinges, remove the screws that secure the old hinge to the door with a socket wrench if your garage door is steel. Wood garage doors use carriage bolts that insert through the door from the outside.