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Heavy duty shelf brackets – Follow a few tips on how to install your tongue brackets quickly and easily. Before you start drilling holes in the concrete wall, you need to check that the brackets will be placed in a straight line. You will now drill a hole in the wall. Take your drill and insert a fine drill bit at the end that you want to make a hole that provides an access point for the anchor. But not so large that the anchor resolve in the wall. So only drill one inch or so in the concrete, and then repeat for the other brands you have done.

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Push anchor into the hole with the help of your hammer or a screwdriver anchor must fit snugly into the hole. So you need not be concerned about little resistance, just keep pressing until the anchor is flush with the wall. Take your first heavy duty shelf brackets, and place the mounting holes of the plastic anchors. Take a screw, and place it in the hole, and then pull down with the screwdriver. Doesn’t screw in too tightly, without installing any brackets before walking around and pull them all together. Prevents this bolt from moving the bracket sideways. After installing your heavy duty shelf brackets and tightened screws, you can add shelves.

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