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Door latches – Locking a house door is necessary for the safety of a house. The better the quality of the home door latches, the more safe in the house. The key to a strong deadbolt lock is to be sure to throw in bolt dead bolt inserts into the wall stud on the side of the frame. This makes it difficult to kick the door open. In addition, exterior doors always be solid core doors, which increases the strength of the home door latches

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Install a home door latches. Measure from the floor on the inside of the door jamb to the desired height of the lock. And makes a horizontal mark on the doorjamb. This represents the height of the hole is necessary to throw the bolt of the latches. And also place the framing square against the doorstop, aligned with the mark and draw a line across the width of the doorjamb. Measure the thickness of the door and dividing the number by two. Measure from the doorstop on the doorjamb and make a mark that represents this number.

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As a result close the door and find a line drawn. Then measure from the outside of the door and make a mark that represents the center of the hole needed for the door latches. Drill a hole in the door with a variable speed drill and hole saw the size indicated by the lock manufacturer. Next, drill a hole in the doorjamb with a paddle over the specified size of the lock manufacturer’s instructions.