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Kitchen soap dispenser – Many do-it-yourself projects can be confusing for less than practical homeowner. But there are some who, when given the appropriate measures can save time and money to manage a professional. Follow these steps to make the sometimes difficult process to install kitchen soap dispenser less involved and easier to understand.

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Start by removing the old drainage parts. You can do this by starting with p-trap using channel lock pliers. Place a small bucket under the p-trap to catch water that may spill when you remove the p-trap from the tube. If you have a dishwasher, be sure to disconnect the hose connected to the kitchen soap dispenser. Simply loosen the nut on the clamp holding the hose in place. Continue to tighten the remaining nuts on the drain pipe by means of channel lock pliers.

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Again, using the channel lock, delete the old folder from the sink by loosening the nut on the bottom of the basin. Pull the old basket valve through the hole and remove all old putty from the kitchen soap dispenser. Before you put the car through the hole in the sink. And apply some plumbers putty around the bottom lip of the basket. Pull the basket through the bore. And then screwing the nuts in place to pull the basket to sink. Then, flattening the glue in place to create a seal. Part of putty can seep into the sink. If this happens, just wipe away.

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