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Overlay hinges – Since a gate house is a building that makes entry to your property or garden, it may be particularly useful to install a series of hinges on the door so that it closes automatically behind you because of the hinges’ special design. If the door frame completely laid over the door your gatehouse, you would need to install overlay hinges anyway. Installation takes just a few minutes, so fitting of the hinge is a process that is similar to other varieties of hinges.

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Measure the door against the frame and make clear pencil marks on the door where the new overlay hinges will be connected. Mark the door about a foot from the top and bottom of the door the opposite end of the handle. Remove the cover from the frame and drill a series of shallow holes in the door of the areas is marked.

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Overlay Hinges TypesSize: 700 x 700

Overlay Hinges SizesSize: 720 x 720

Overlay Hinges LowesSize: 720 x 720

Overlay Hinges DesignSize: 900 x 900

Antique Overlay HingesSize: 800 x 800

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Read the instructions that come with hinges so you know how deep you have to drill and consider practicing on a piece of scrap wood if you are unsure. Compare the distance between the hinges on the door frame so that you know where to screw in the second half of the overlay hinges.

Align the door to frame, attach the hinges by drilling screws through the hinge and into the wall. Adjust modification screws on the hinge to adjust position on frame. A series of screws on each hinge changes the position of the door slightly. For example, adjusting the center screw moves the flap up and down along the frame.

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