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Shower slide bar – Designed for mounting vertically on a wall of the shower and provide an attachment point for the shower head. The shower slide rails allow people of different heights to adjust the shower head to his own personal preferences. Remove the existing shower head from the water. Locate a mounting stud by running the stud finder across the wall where you want to install the slider. Mark the stud location with a pencil.

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Next step to install shower slide bar. Determine the range of heights that you want the shower head can be adjusted. This is best achieved by mounting up on the bar at the height of the highest person who will use the shower. Align the control template from the kit on the marks you made with the pencil along the wall stud. And mark the mounting holes though the template with the pen. Drill the mounting holes.

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Fill the drilled holes with silicone, and align the mounting holes. That in the slider with the drilled holes on the wall. Attach the switch with mounting bolts or screws. Fix the shower head to the shower slide bar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a thin layer of pipe dope on the threads on the water with the applicator brush into the jar. Connect the hose from the new shower head to the water.