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Circular shower rod has been seen in the hotel for years and now they are being used more. The circular design provides more space in the shower. They can create the feeling of a bathroom upgrade for little money. All that is needed is a bit measurement, a little time and a little bit of elbow grease.

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Hammer a nail something into the wall where the screws will go. This will get the hole started, making it easier to install screws, and can also tell you if there is a stud behind the wall, or just sheetrock. Pull the nail out.

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Screw the brackets to the wall using the mounting hardware. Circular shower rod should have screws for mounting on a stud or drywall anchors if mounting on drywall only. To use a drywall anchors, get a drill size listed on the package. Drill a hole in the wall and use the end of the screwdriver to gently tap the anchor into the newly drilled hole.

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Place the bracket on the wall and install the screw into the anchor. The drill and masonry bit or tile can be used to go through the tile. Use the remaining hardware to put him on pole brackets and get it level. Usually there is little adjustment screws on each bracket to help level off the circular shower rod of the bar.