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Copper farmhouse sink – Many copper sink manufacturers produce their sinks for hand. This means that every copper sink is one-of-a-kind and requires a custom installation procedure. While the major installations steps are the same for all copper sink, no bench cut out template provided with a hand hammered copper sink. It is best to use the sink as the cut-out template. And then hand-hammered copper sinks design to mount on the underside of a solid surface countertop.

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Solid surface countertops include granite, marble, corian and siltstone countertops. As you work with these materials requires highly specialized tools. And it is best to let the countertop fabricator access to copper farmhouse sink so he can cut the hole out for you. The hole will be specific to the exact drop as hammered copper sinks vary dimensional from one to another. Then give the sink to countertop fabricator will allow him to cut the hole to the exact specifications of copper sink.

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Hammered copper sinks install under the worktop and require the use of specialized fasteners that must attach to the underside of the countertop. And then question countertop fabricator if he would be willing to completely install copper farmhouse sink for you. If not, you can do it yourself. Solid surface countertop material is very dense. Drilling of them will require the help of a hammer drill and a concrete drill. Then talk to the bench manufacturer of the best drill to use when mounting the installation brackets to the countertop. And then while a concrete piece would definitely do the job, masonry drills enough. Masonry Drill is also cheaper.

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