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Kohler toilet paper holder – If you have ever tried to use the toilet without toilet paper holder or dispensers, you know that you can easily drop the toilet paper roll. And have it bounce everywhere, while it unravels and becomes dirty. You will not want to use this toilet paper roll once you’ve seen what happened to it. Keep your toilet sanitation by installing a toilet paper holder.

Posted on October 11, 2017 Hardware

A tape measure can determine the exact altitude. A stud finder will locate a wall stud to which. It can anchor the Kohler toilet paper holder to make it safe. A drill start holes for the molly bolt anchors. Molly bolt anchors are plastic tubes placed in the wall that expands when the attachment bolts in them are turned with a screwdriver. A spirit level will ensure that the toilet paper holder is level.

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There are several different toilet paper holders that are on the market; However, their parts are very similar. The rear panel of the toilet paper holder has holes that will slide over the bolts in the molly bolt anchors. Then, the frame or shell of the Kohler toilet paper holder snaps onto the back. The tension bar may either be a separate part or a part of the frame. And holding the toilet paper roll.