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Doorbell button – A 24-volt doorbell systems can be a desirable upgrade or replacement for an old bell. And a good option for new doorbell installations. That require a long distance between the doorbell button and the actual chimes. First, turn off power to the circuit will attaching to the transformer box.  Then, remove the cover from the junction box on the track that you turn off and remove one of the metal covers on the side of the junction box to install on the transformer.

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Furthermore, go wires to the transformer to the corresponding color leads in the junction box, and secure with wire connectors. Mount the bell on a suitable location in your home with the supplied hardware. Drill a hole through the door entry from the outside, but not all the way through. Attach two 20 gauge transformer wires to the power terminals on the clock. And run the cable to the two corresponding terminals on the transformer. Then, attach the two cables to the terminals on the bell, and drive them to the doorbell button through the hole you have drilled – again, and be sure to attach the wires to the proper terminals on the button. Turn on the circuit you have attached to the transformer, and the test clock.

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