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Corner wall mount – With several horizontal and vertical angle options, installing TVs in the corners is not the puzzle may seem at first. Determination of seating arrangements often prove to be more challenging than where to place the device, and this is especially true when armed with versatile mounting hardware. Mounting an LCD TV in the corner means to use an articulated mount. Install corner wall mount makes the LCD easier assembly.

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Locate a stud near the corner where you will install the corner wall mount, using the stud finder. Mark this spot with the tip of the drill. Make sure that there is another stud within reach for the wall bracket from the stud farm near the corner before deciding on where to drill the first set of holes. Drill two holes in the pin, using the wall bracket as a guide. Insert and secure the two included screws into the drilled holes.

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Drill into the next set of studs, with a combination of screw holes and stud finder to locate them. Insert the bolts and washers; secure them with the socket wrench. Mount the TV bracket to the back of the device, with the supplied Allen or Philips screws and suitable screwdriver.

Turn the wall bracket completely. Lift and hang the set on the wall bracket. Secure all screws needed to keep the set on the bracket without dangerous side movement. Turn the set on its horizontal axis to ensure that it is level. Secure setting screwdriver and the set screw on the back of the console.

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