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Decorative Brackets – You can add beauty inside your home by installing decorative corbels. These are functional in nature as well. You are able to create a shelf or ledge with the help of brackets. But for this, we must take proper care though corbels installation. You must be careful regarding the fixing of the brackets to the walls.

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Must establish the platform surface and the top angle brackets 90 degrees. You must use a line level for proper installation of the brackets on the wall. It will help hang the decorative brackets to the wall perfectly and prevent the object from falling. You have to be careful not to be corbelled & is quite be made of heavy material. Move over the wall where it will install its brackets. Decide how high or low you want to place them.

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If you are installing brackets under cabinets, decorative moldings, or other items, are sure to leave room for the bracket, a shelf, and all items placed on top. If you are mounting decorative brackets to studs, use a stud finder to locate them. Put the brackets face down on a soft surface and then apply a continuous bead of adhesive or half-inch putt on the back edge of the brackets.