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Elongated toilet seat provide the user with more space than standard toilets. Many models also feature high-performance hot flushes, making elongated toilets efficient than standard toilet seats. Many times when elongated toilets are sold to stores, included the seats are not. This allows you the freedom to choose elongated toilet that best fits your decor. This type of seat is not difficult to install, even for first time plumbing.

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Use a bathroom cleaner and cloth to clean the elongated toilet seat. Pay special attention to the hinge openings at the back of the toilet. Align the elongated toilet seat so that the screws on the back corresponding holes on the back of the oblong dish. Slowly lower the seat until the bolts bag through the bottom of the holes.

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Adjust the elongated toilet seat so it sits directly over the bowl by moving the seat to the right or left. Place the nuts on the handle wires on the bottom of the oblong dish. Do this for both bolts. Tighten hand tight. Raise and lower elongated toilet seat to ensure that it works correctly. Make further changes, if necessary. Tighten nuts securely with a wrench or pliers.

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